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Welcome to Waterjet Technology

Would you like to receive your components:

  • Neatly and accurately cut?
  • Including details such as small holes?
  • Free of burrs and effects of heat?

Supply us with your drawing, sample or concept and we will realise it out of almost any material. Waterjet Technology provides a superior service in precision profile cutting using this modern technology. Our company was the first established dedicated waterjet service centre and responsible for pioneering the way forward in modern and professional service centres.

Being based in the diverse manufacturing environment of Cape Town, we have the experience and facilities to service all types of industries. Leaders in engineering fields of manufacturing, machine building, marine, prototyping, composites, plastics, automotive and agricultural use our services to give them the competitive edge. We also cater for the decorative markets by cutting complex shapes in wood, glass, mirror, stone, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and plastics.