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How Waterjet Works

How Waterjet Cutting worksWaterjet Cutting articulates the use of a ultra high pressure waterjet, focused into a small beam, slicing through virtually all materials.

The process can be applied with or without an abrasive, dependant on application. Abrasive particles are introduced to the beam at the cutting head to cut hard materials. Softer materials do not require the abrasive component. Whatever the option, there is never any heat generated and therefore your first choice for accuracy, stability and cleanliness of cutting.

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Comparison - Waterjet vs cutting with heat

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Cold-cut edges, as created during cutting with a waterjet are free of burrs, structural and dimensional comprose.

Cutting with heat

Cutting with Heat

The heat generated during cutting using laser, plasma and oxy-acetalene changes the structure of the material. Defects, distortion and burrs occur with these processes.